You may not recognise this boy. He came to us from Monaghan pound just before Christmas 2011.


  He was extremely thin and had severe mange all over with both ears ripped and infected where he had scratched them so badly . It looked as though someone had tried to hack off his ears! He travelled to our friends in Dogs Trust Canterbury where he was adopted by Jacqueline a local volunteer. 

After blood tests, a dust mite allergy was identified, which was why he was still scratching, even after treatment to heal his skin. After further treatment he now enjoys a "scratch free" life, his hair has almost completely grown back and he weighs 24kg! Apart from pinching food, Jacquiline tells us he is very well behaved in the house. He is also very affectionate, and enjoys long walks in the nearby woods and fields, as well as relaxing in the garden!

 Ramirez has been renamed Monty by his new family and we are thrilled to see him doing so well and looking so healthy and happy. A big thank you to MSPCA, Dogs Trust and of course Jacqueline for taking this dog into her life and heart.




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