Ellie came to DDR on 23rd of December from a pound.  Neither dog or vet had a very merry christmas though as Ellie had to be admitted on Christmas morning to Healthy Pets.  Thanks to some great care she was fit for discharge in a week and went to stay with a foster family to finish recouperating.

On 15th January Ellie travelled to our friends in Heathlands and it wasn't long before they placed her in a lovely home.

Ellie has now been neutered and is settled in well with her dog pal Sophie and cat pal Hetfield.  While Hetfield declines to go walking in the woods with the dog duo these lucky girls get walked at least twice and day and sometimes three.  March 17th has been declared Ellie's birthday and she is looking forward to the presents she will undoubtedly receive. 

Many thanks to her new family and all who helped aid her on her way.



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