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Friends of DDR

Problem Paws is run by Joanne Byrne and is based in Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland.  She is a registered veterinary nurse and canine behaviourist with over 13 years professional experience who is dedicated to promoting care and understanding between you and your dog by helping you understand the unique personality of your pet.

Anna in Healthy Pets provides care for all our waifs and strays.  She is a genuine dog lover and it comes across in all her inteactions with the dogs.  The practive is conveniently located off the Ecco Road

Top Dog Grooming, Dundalk

Dog groomers based in Dundalk.  Katy often gives her time and services to support strays which come into Dundalk Dog Rescue's care.

German Short-Haired Pointer Rescue (SW) is a voluntary and donation reliant operation that rehomes German Shorthaired Pointers.  The rescue assists dogs from any part of the UK, and also (in conjunction with other rescues) dogs from Ireland (including DDR dogs) and even further afield like Spain, Cyprus and Greece

Heathlands Animal Sanctuary is a registered charity run solely by volunteers, based in Royston, Hertfordshire.  Heathlands works very closely with DDR, in particular helping to rehome border collies.

One of several Rescue organisations that help DDR dogs find their forever homes.  Based in Wiltshire the UK BRX Rescue finds new homes for beautiful black retrievers, a smattering of other handsome mixes, and the occasional purebred that comes their way.

Lurcher Rescue

Lurcher SOS is a Surrey based Lurcher and Greyhound Rescue.  The Rescue is composed totally of volunteers and their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and home abused, abandoned and neglected Lurchers, Greyhounds and other Sighthounds from both the UK and Ireland.  Another great friend to DDR

A fantastic organisation, both Dogs Trust in Dublin and Dogs Trust UK have given many thousands of dogs the second chance at life that they deserve

Louth County Dog Pound

Your first port of call should your dog go missing or if you are interested in getting a new dog.


Companies who have helped us out