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Sleepless nights worrying will the dogs in the vet make it, or will that rescue place come through, or will the fund raiser be a success.  Worrying about paying bills at the end of each month.  Bills for transport, kennelling, vet, medicines, bedding, leads and collars.  An example of the types of cost involved -


€6 per dog per night for kennelling

€35 to vaccinate one dog

€70 for neutering

€120 for spaying...



We are a 100% Voluntary Organisation and rely on the goodwill of others to operate successfully.  Here are a few ways you can donate :


If you would like to make a once off donation you have the option of using paypal via the button below.




If you would like to set up a recurring monthly donation please use the button below.




Another option you have is to download and fill out our standing order form, available through this link



Alternatively, simply text DDR to 50300 to donate €4 to Dundalk Dog Rescue*

*100% of your donation goes to Dundalk Dog Rescue.  Some operators apply VAT which means a minimum of €3.25 goes to Dundalk Dog Rescue.   Service Provider LIKECHARITY.  Helpline: 014433890



Any of the above will ensure a second chance at life to the hundreds of dogs who come into our care.   Thank you to all our loyal friends for your continued support.


What is saved?

A dog's life