Lemur is a 4 year old male terrier cross.  He has a long body which makes us think he is part dachshund.  When he came to us he was meant to be going straight into kennels but hisfriendly nature won the transporter over and he ended up going home for fostering.  His orginal name is Pepe but he did not respond to it.  On arrival at foster the general routine is photo session and then a lovely bath.  He was given the name Lemur after this photo was taken.

Lemur eyes

Lemur could also be called shadow as he follows you around the house and loves to be cuddled.  He is dog friendly and shared well in foster.  Lemus LOVES his food and jumps up and down with excitement when dinner is being prepared.  He was very snappish at first with treats but has quickly learned to take them more gently and to wait his turn.  He is housetrained and is now working on not barking at cats and ice-cream trucks.

He doesn't enjoy dressing up or baths but is tolerant of both.  He loves going for walks and is excellent on a lead.  He likes a spin in the car, will chase a ball but doesn't bring it back, enjoys tug-of-war games and just adores empty plastic bottles.  He will sit on your lap forever if allowed.  Like any rescue dog he has some issues and while super friendly to his family he can be snappish towards strangers.  For that reason we would not recommend a home with young children or people who are not familiar with dogs.  He has been seen by a behaviourist and he is a nervous little fellow who is slowly gaining confidence.

Lemur and Honey

Honey, Lemur and Ellie (now adopted) all waiting for their dinner.

1/5/12 Lemur has now moved to Heathlands in England and is in foster with 2 other dogs, he remains a nervous little guy but hopefully things will work out for him.  If not we will welcome him back with open arms.

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